Amongst the small coves, defined by the spurs which host Ansedonia, a large dark sandy beach acts as a window to the open sea.

Modern entertainment, nature and history once again come together. This is a frequent happening when tourists encounter the beaches in Tuscany.

Following along the sea shore by foot, it’s easy to reach the suggestive cleft in the rocky hills, “Spacco della Regina”.

A cool relief from the hot beach can be found inside the fresh darkness of the rock. Evoking in some way the adventures of Jules Vern, while entering inside for about 10 metres finally arriving at a sort of natural room inside the mountain. This is illuminated by the suns rays which filter through from above.

At the top of the hill which overlooks the sea we find testimony of the Etruscan Roman city of Cosa, the wall, the houses, the forum and the acropolis.

Going down to the bottom of the hill we can see the canal of Tagliata Etrusca.