The building is new and has been built respecting the old style of Tuscany country farm houses, with wooden beams, visual brick pillars and rose coloured external paintwork. Distinctive characteristics of farms built during the 1950’s of the Maremma authority and given to tenant farmers who played a large part in the birth of the Maremma “garden”.The building is situated within the farm holiday business, slightly detached from the main house and is made up of 5 flats each with a bedroom with double bed, an armchair, bathroom and a living room with corner cooking facilities and there is also a sofa bed.

The flats are furnished with care and enable you to immerse completely into the country lifestyle. However you won’t be without the every day necessities, in fact there is a television, washing machine and heating and air-conditioning installation.

Clients can enjoy the sun and swim in the new private swimming pool in total relax.We look forward to seeing you!