The WWF Oasis of Lake Burano
This natural protected Oasis is managed by the WWF. The Oasis covers an area of about 430 hectares and the lake occupies 140 hectares of this. Here the outline of the massive “Torre del Buranaccio” can be noted.

Here nature is the true master, and we can live it and admire it without owning it. Exploration with the utmost respect for nature from within appropriate structures, such as observatories and spotting towers.

Here it’s possible to sight water birds, of which waders, (anatidi), cormorants, marsh harrier, cuckoo “with tuft”, salt water fish, such as grey mullet, bream and eels.

In the Mediterranean scrubland we get to meet tortoises, green lizards, yellow-green non-poisonous snakes, vipers, foxes and wild rabbits and bump into otters and porcupines.

You can visit the Oasis from September until April (2007 news). You can contact the management for direct information.