Maremma's Natural Park
The coastal stretch of Maremma Toscana going from Principina a Mare to Talamone and limited partly in the east by via Aurelia, has become since 1975 Parco Naturale della Maremma. It extends for about 100 square kilometers - except for the outside stretch - and borders in the south and S/W with the sea, facing it in the southern part with a high coast subject to erosion. This kind of coast is followed in the north by beaches where the vegetal covering consists of several pioneer species which can adapt to the difficult sandy and brackish environment and which are replaced by typical species of the Mediterranean maquis as you leave from the shoreline.

The coastline has been subject to deep changes not only during the geological periods, but also during the last decades: it advanced in the south of Marina di Alberese, while it considerably withdrew on the one and on the other side of Bocca d'Ombrone. From a naturalistic point of view, the complex formed by Uccellina Mountains, the pinewood of Marina di Alberese, the mouth of the river Ombrone, and the Paludi della Trappola represents a precious mosaic of ecosystems shaped by man in different periods and ways, characterizing the landscape without degrading it.

Some “physiological” pathologies which are present in wild animals might be transmitted to dogs by excrement which is eventually present in the soil or on the vegetation.

Do not disturb the wild animals and do not feed them

This practice might provoke the transmission of pathologies, also creating a dependence of some animals on the presence of man and interfering with the puppies and the natural process of finding food in the wild.

Exists a real danger that humans might get bitten (even unintentionally) with consequent skin lacerations of various natures with possible transmission of pathologies (illnesses).

Do not leave rubbish

Respect the plants, animals and the environment

Try not to make too much noise