An antique city which according to historians existed before the Etruscan period, famous for the thermal waters and the important therapeutic properties, which were known even in the Etruscan period.

Surrounded by a large medieval city wall the town still retains relics of the Roman time, such as the ruins of the Via Clodia. A fragment of the polygonal wall structure and some lower parts in marble.

Near the wall, above the medieval ruins of the arched door called “Porta Romana”, on the stone where the mark of time of the legend Orlando, you will find the Cassero Senese, with the Castle built at the beginning of the 9th century.

Near the city with its suggestive and wild environment it is possible to enter and explore the Etruscan necropolis, while at the bottom of the plateau on which resides the centre flow of the natural thermal waterfall. This is much appreciated and frequented throughout the year. Under the waterfall it is enchanting , leaving you to be pampered by the hot water in one of the many calcareous mini-baths present – maybe by moonlight.

For the more demanding there are also hotels and establishments which are equipped with hydrological centres dealing with health cure and well being.