This is a town of dark chalkstone, built on a terrace cut out of an open rock cliff of the torrent Lente. It is similar to a block of parallelepiped crystals , and has an urban landscape which has been invented by a cubist. It is probably of Etruscan origin as would suggest the room like size tombs which are to be seen along the road towards l’Elmo; but its name Soranus is testimony of its Roman origins.

Standing over the houses is the “masso leopoldino” a higher part of the chalkstone rock from which a terrace dominates the town, the gullies and the valleys of shadow which surround it. On side nearer to the church of S. Niccolò you can admire the single watch tower. There is little testimony of the medieval Aldobrandesco: everyone talks about the presence of the Orsini or otherwise it has a rustical taste of exceptional fascination.

In the town there is the 16th century church and what remains of the committee palace building: portal and courtyard.

La Fortezza Orsini (XI- XII centuries with restoration during the XV –XVI centuries), when following the underground paths of this powerful work of military fortification we are able to understand many aspects of military life during the Renaissence period. It was linked to a defensive system and remains of this period can be seen at Montorio, Castell’Ottieri and Vitozza.