From now on la Poiana Farmhouse offers to its guests one service more:

The brand new walk for ARCHERY.

Archery is an ancient sport which emerges for the first time during the Olympic Games of 1900 in Paris. It has been barred after 1920 and readmitted since Monaco Olympics in 1972.

There are various heats in national and international competitions.

The arch, as a damage tool, but also as a hunting, fun and sport tool, is certainly one of the most original invention of man, who developed it, all around the world.

Anyway, we can say that it is one of the firsts primitive evolved device.

Scientists believe that the first arch portrayal can be seen in a cave painting of 30.000 years ago

Wath is sure is that since palaeolithic man used this tool as a way to hit preys, keeping at safe distance.